World Connections


s an American academic traveling abroad in a time of radical change I have noticed increasingly a need in the higher- education marketplace for adjunct personnel and academic services on a contract-specific basis. Concurrently, more and more academics are seeking adjunct positions or temporary posts. Universities and colleges as well as education-based businesses, then, should be eager to take advantage of the rich pool of scholarly resources available to them for short-term teaching positions. Such posts would appeal especially to two groups: Young academics with PhDs who are attracted to the possibility of teaching in a university abroad for a semester or year while waiting for full-time jobs or tenure-track positions to materialize; and seasoned academics on sabbatical leave or in retirement with a yen for an alternative professional experience in a stimulating environment. To help meet the demand for temporary academic staff, I have set up scholarlyconnections as a resource for both educational institutions and prospective personnel worldwide.

Located in the U.S., scholarlyconnections will solicit temporary-employment information from colleges and universities both in America and abroad. It will likewise serve as a registry for foreign and American academics seeking short-term positions by posting on site their résumés, along with their requirements regarding living and working situations and their preferences as to location.

Inquiries welcome.